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*8-Portion Fish Pack*

We've taken some of our most popular fish items and packed them in smaller, family & freezer-friendly 8 serving boxes.  

Each box includes 8 portions of the specified fish, and all portions are individually-vacuum-packed (IVP).  

Sizing refers to the average size, in ounces, of each individual portion.  

*8-Portion Fish Pack*

PriceFrom $42.00
  • Species Size Cost
    Mahi Mahi 8oz. $6.00
    Swordfish 8oz. $5.75
    Atl. Salmon 8oz. $5.75
    Nor. Salmon 8oz. $6.75
    Tuna 8oz. $5.75
    Steelhead 7oz. $5.25
    Snapper 7oz. $5.25
    Nor. Salmon 6oz. $5.25
    Halibut 6oz. $9.75


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